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 As a Code Evangelist, Nici believes that teaching Black Women to code and helping them leverage that skill set to enter the field of technology, is a crucial component to closing the wealth gap in the Black Community.


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Engineer, Entrepreneur, Speaker,
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With 21 years of experience, Nici has leveraged her full-stack software engineering career over a wide range of industries including Cyber Security, Health Tech, Online Dating, Social Media, Higher Ed, and Government.


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Nici will analyze your technical needs and craft your technical strategy to help start or grow your business.

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Let Nici help you gain clarity around starting your coding career, or provide guidance on navigating your career and what it takes to be successful if you are new to the industry.


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Nici is currently interested in the implications that machine learning has on User Experience and how it changes the implementation of User Interfaces for the future. As a UI Engineer, Nici has formulated efficient and performant client-side solutions that quickly visualize large amounts of data history to allow the user to make critical decisions based on those visualizations. Nici believe supervised learning tasks, given the desired inputs and outputs, allows interfaces to deliver a higher degree of visual analytics that reveals patterns discovered deep in the historical data. These learning signals allow the interface to learn general rules that map to specific visual representations of the data revealing more targeted analysis models.

Additional Interests:

  • User Data Wallets
  • Diversity and Inclusion across hiring panels
  • Ethics in Artificial Intelligence
  • Black Tech Ecosystems


Entreprenurial endeavors

Care Covr, Inc. -

Care Covr provides Childcare Expense Insurance coverage for working parents. Building at the intersections of childcare, insurance, and tech, Care Covr is the latest solution to solve a problem in the childcare industry.


Groopfly -

Groopfly is group travel evolved. A platform for travelers, hosts, and agents, to curate and manage group experiences around the globe.


Brand Reactor -

BrandReactor is the vehicle in which smaller brands with smaller budgets can achieve a mobile presence that parallel big box brands.


Our customers are the creative and ambitious minded women who are fueling the small business growth in this country at a staggering 1,821 new business per day, of which 64% are Women of Color.


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Nici was not only generous with her time, she was always very personable and informative. She gave great information and I feel very confident moving forward!

Gig - Coaching Client

Nici is extremely knowledgeable in her field, as well as working with tech startups across the country. She has absolutely made me more confident when applying for and interviewing with tech startups. There's so much to learn and I can't wait to learn more!

Nicole - Coaching Client

My first consultation was super helpful! I booked a 30 min appointment without knowing exactly what I wanted to discuss and yet I walked away with a really great game plan in hand! 5 stars all the way!

Angela - Coaching Client

When I decided to make a switch into the tech industry from digital marketing I had absolutely no clue on where to start. Nici’s coaching session really helped me figure out which career in tech I wanted to pursue and she gave me the necessary resources on how to get started.

Ty - Coaching Client

Nici is very thorough in her consultation. She provides useful facts and information. In our conversation I learned not only about the tech industry, but her passion as a leader wanting to mentor others. I highly recommend setting up a meeting with her! #gurlcodeacademy

Brittney - Coaching Client

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  • Panelist and Workshop Speaker

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